Roof Painting

Painting your roof is an essential approach to your improving the overall look and feel of your Sydney property. However, not all contractors can deliver impressive results. At Northern Beaches Roof Restoration, our specialists use high-quality paints that don’t crack during adverse weather.

Roofs are unique, and they need different paints and attention to detail. Some paints are appropriate for metal roofs, while others are ideal for shingles. Our contractors understand what it takes to paint a roof, and they know how to select high-quality coatings to produce impressive results.
Due to thermal expansion, metal roofs contract and expand; and eventually will be prone to cracking. Our specialists will use appropriate paints for metal roofing to strengthen your roof and enhance its durability. For example, we use an acrylic paint that doesn’t peel and is easy to clean.
Painting a roof has a lot of benefits, as explained below.

Increase your home’s value
If you are thinking of selling your home in soon, painting it can enhance its chance of disposal.

Cost-effective method
Unlike roof replacement, painting is an affordable approach to restoring your roof.

Protection against adverse weather
Due to prolonged exposure to harmful weather elements, a roof deteriorates very fast. Painting can protect your roof from extreme heat and storms, hence making it last longer.

Energy efficient
Painting a roof can enhance its energy efficiency. For instance, during summer, a painted ceiling reflects away heat and light, making your home cool. The reflection of heat implies that you will use less energy on air conditioning.

Painting enhances the curb appeal of your roof and makes it durable. At Roof Restoration Northern Beaches, we use high-quality paints that protect your roof from adverse elements, hence boosting its longevity.

From residential to commercial homes, small to large projects, we have skills, resources and experience to do the job and deliver excellent results.
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