Roof Restoration

Northern Beaches Roof Restoration is a home improvement company based in Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW. Over the years, the company has been repairing, cleaning, and resealing roofs for residential and commercial homeowners. With a trained and experienced team, we can restore your roof and make it look like new.

Roof restoration involves the refurbishment of a roof to enhance its curb appeal and longevity the need of replacing the entire roof. Before you any renovation on your roof, you should allow a professional roofer to assess it to determine the right approach to use. At Roof Restoration Northern Beaches, we have highly qualified technicians who can evaluate your roof and advise you on the best method of refurbishing it.
At Northern Beaches Roof Restoration, our team follow the best in class strategies of restoring your roof.

  • Roof inspection

This is the first step towards your roof restoration. Our technicians examine roof surfaces for moisture and broken tiles and recommend the right measure.

  • Measurement

At Roof Restoration Northern Beaches, we believe in accuracy and precision. By accurately measuring the area that needs repair, we can come up with the right estimate for the quantity and cost of materials to be used in the renovation process.

  • Pressure cleaning

We pressure wash the roof surface to prepare it for painting. For areas that are corroded, we apply a rust neutralizer to make them shine.

  • Re-pointing and re-bedding

Once the roof is clean, our experts re-point or repair damaged mortar to avert moisture entry into your home. We do re-bedding, especially when the mortar is cracked.

  • Repairing the leaks

Before we do any refurbishment, we thoroughly check whether there are cracked shingles and then replace them.

  • Applying primer

Roof surfaces differ, and they need various primers to enhance fast bonding between paint and them.

  • Masking/hand painting

Masking or hand painting helps to avoid overspray to areas that don’t need painting.

  • Polishing

Roof polishing is an essential aspect of restoration. Our roofing contractors are adept at polishing your roof to make it look like new.